Navigating the City

No matter how long you've lived somewhere, you won't truly know a city until you've spent hours navigating through its various winding streets and hidden paths. Public transportation, cars and bikes are all means to an end, but when the journey is unequivocally the best part, travelling en plein air gives you the opportunity to discover your borough in new, exciting ways.

We're all about exploring local communities through art trails, and we think it's one of the best ways to discover (or rediscover) a city. It's an opportunity to get some exercise, breathe some fresh air (subject to smog levels) and indulge in the cultural offerings unique to each locality. That's what this part of the guide is all about: navigating the city through curated art trails that bring you through some of the best arts organisations and local hotspots, as a practical and enjoyable introduction to local art scenes. Refresh your mind, body and love for your city (or any other city!) by following these trails, and get to know the area through art spaces.

While we’ve gathered feats and highlights of various cities from all corners of the UK, this is in no way a comprehensive list of all the places to find arts and culture. The UK has so many amazing spots to explore and events to attend that a single guide could never do it full justice. If your city or town isn’t included in this guide, download the ArtRabbit app to find contemporary art exhibitions and events going on right now, right where you are.

The cities we covered and partners we worked with this year underscores the must-visit destinations of the UK, with expertly curated art trails that makes discovering a city easy and fulfilling. Read on to explore the best ways the navigate each city.

Choose a city

  1. Aberdeen
  2. Bath
  3. Birmingham
  4. Brighton
  5. Bristol
  6. Cardiff
  7. Dundee
  8. Edinburgh
  9. Glasgow
  10. Leeds
  11. Liverpool
  12. London
  13. Manchester