Arts Council

Arts Council in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are some of the biggest funders of arts and culture projects in the nation, with regular investments in shows, spaces and programmes for a lasting return. Their mission is to ensure that there is great art for everyone available in their respective regions, and they do this not only by providing funding but also by offering guidance, resources and acting as a development agency.

Spotlight: Arts Council England (ACE)

We listed below the main ACE funding grants, who they're for and what they fund. To help with your application will be signposting to cheatsheets and other helpful resources, though this is a work-in-progress, so keep checking in or subscribe to our newsletter to get notified when new resources become available.

1) National Lottery Project Grants: "National Lottery Project Grants is our new open access programme for arts, museums and libraries projects. The fund will support thousands of individual artists, community and cultural organisations."

→ Cheatsheet: Artist and educator Rachel Dobbs created an ACE Project Grants application cheatsheet to help collect and structure all required material. You can download it here.

2) Developing your Creative Practice: "Creative People and Places focuses on parts of the country where involvement in arts and culture is significantly below the national average. We believe that everyone has the right to experience and be inspired by art, so we want to transform the opportunities open to people in those places."

3) Creative People and Places: "Developing your Creative Practice is a new development fund designed to support independent creative practitioners to ensure excellence is thriving in the arts and culture sector. This fund will create more pathways for individuals from a range of creative practices and backgrounds."

4) Find other sources of funding here.