Voices to Follow

Arts and culture always seem to extend beyond themselves to engage in conversations with technology, politics, literature, music, internet and pop culture and more. Before you drown in the cacophony of creative voices echoing about, find out which voices are worth listening to, and which voices you can’t afford not to follow. Find out where you should tune into and for which occasion, from social media personalities to follow, to newsletters to subscribe to and more.

Alice Procter and Uncomfortable Art Tours

A friend of ours once told us, “Whenever I see a statue of someone, I just think they must have been a tyrant. Like, what did they do to get a statue of them?” As history finally starts revealing stories beyond that of victors (or colonial overlords), Alice Procter and the Uncomfortable Art Tours reveal exactly this: that the wealthy and famed of the past made their beds with the blood and stolen goods of others. And now it’s about time they laid in it.

Alice Procter on the discomfort of her tours

ArtRabbit Instagram and Editorial

Because you can’t be everywhere at once, ArtRabbit brings everywhere to you with our Instagram stories and editorial features. As a platform that champions arts and culture of all sorts, we’re often limited in how opinionated we can be so as to not alienate any of our audience. But that doesn’t mean we as editors don’t have opinions. Our insights and personal voice bubbles over into Instagram stories where we bring you on tours of select shows, happening weekly, if not more, and editorial features that tell you about specific art shows, general cultural atmospheres and forecasts in art trends. Subscribe to ArtRabbit’s newsletter and follow us on Instagram.

Maria Popova - Brain Pickings

Starting out as a weekly email to seven friends before becoming an ever-loved website and blog, Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings guides you through books, philosophy, culture and art with her quality writing that satisfies even the hungriest of souls starved of intellectual and creative stimuli. Subscribe to Brain Pickings newsletter or follow Maria on Twitter.

Dan Vo & LGBTQ Art Tours

Giving voice to an aspect of arts and culture that has too often been dismissed in history, Dan Vo founded the volunteer-led LGBTQ+ museum tours at the V & A in London and helped establish other similar programmes in museums and galleries throughout the UK. Follow Dan on Twitter.

Disability Arts Online

Providing a platform for sharing and critiquing arts and culture from disability perspectives. Disability Arts Online offers support through editorial, blogs, art showcases and more. Led by disabled people, with the goal of championing disabled artists, writers and professionals in culture, Disability Arts Online is informed by the Social Model of Disability, understanding that it is physical, attitudinal and institutional barriers which act to disable people in society. Follow Disability Arts on Twitter.

Farzana Khan & Voices that shake

A lot of people talk about change but few actually take the steps to implement it. Farzana, on the other hand, has initiated programmes in order to affect positive change and invaluable contributions to the community, including founding Healing Justice London and running Voices That Shake of Platform. Follow Voices that Shake on Twitter.

Jerry Gogosian

Taking the namesake of the world’s foremost art critic and blue chip gallery founder (Jerry Saltz and Larry Gagosian), this Instagram account speaks in memes to illustrate the hilarious, contradictory, often absurd and sometimes beautiful parts of global art business.

Tabloid Art History

Although no longer active, Tabloid Art History has 2.5 years of celebrity paparazzi photos paralleled with art history visuals to draw upon. Its popular Twitter feed serves as an archive of these pairings which prove that history does indeed repeat itself, at least in the way it looks.

The White Pube

A constant source of entertainment (and sometimes controversy), the White Pube are art critics who got tired of how exclusive, patriarchal and white-dominated the art world is and decided to create their own criticism platform. Never shying away from call-out culture and always ready to ask the uncomfortable questions about money, race or inequality, their content has both ruffled feathers and elicited applause. Follow The White Pube on Twitter.