DACS is with you at every stage of your career, providing practical advice and support for artists on everything from signing a contract to what to do if someone has used your work without your permission.

DACS can help you understand how to protect your practice, giving you control over how your work is used and helping you make money in the process. The organisation has a range of free resources on their website including:

DACS was set up by artists for artists and they represent over 100,000 members internationally including Bridget Riley, Jeremy Deller, Tracey Emin, Anthea Hamilton, Ryan Gander and Laure Prouvost.

DACS offers a number of services that support artists at different stages of their career. As you establish your creative practice, they can help you earn money that will pay for studio space and materials, supporting you to make new work.

For over 30 years, DACS has campaigned for artists rights because they believe in paying artists fairly. Find out more about their FairShareForArtists campaign and hear what other artists have to say.

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Fair Share For Artists: In the artists' words